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Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrigenomics

Post Graduate diploma in NutriGenomics (PGDNG) is a specialized program that aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of Nutri genomics, which is an emerging field that combines the study of nutrition and genetics. The course will cover the principles of genomics and epigenomics technology and their applications in understanding the interaction between nutrition and genes. The program is designed for individuals who hold a post-graduate degree in a related field and wish to pursue a career in Nutri genomics.

Duration : 1 Year

Eligibility :

Candidates with a master's degree in genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry, zoology, microbiology, Nutrition or any other life sciences discipline are eligible to apply for this program. Additionally, MBBS, BHMS, BNYS, or BDS graduates can also enroll in this program.

Course Overview

  • The curriculum is carefully crafted to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this emerging field.
  • The program covers various topics such as principles of genetics, genetic disorders, epigenetic screening, assisted reproductive technology and genetic testing, response of the drug due to change in nutrition and life style.
  • The program is delivered through a combination of lectures, case discussions, laboratory sessions, and field visits.
  • The emphasis is on practical training, and students are encouraged to actively participate in group discussions and case studies.
  • The program also includes mandatory internships in renowned hospitals and genetic counseling centers to provide students with real-world experience.

Career Prospects :

The field of NutriGenomics is gaining immense popularity and offers a range of exciting career opportunities.

  • A PGDNG graduate can work as a counselor/ Dietician in hospitals, assisted reproductive technology centers, prenatal diagnostic centers, and genetic testing laboratories.
  • They can also join research organizations, genetic counseling centers, or work as consultants.
  • With the increasing prevalence of genetic disorders and the influx of advanced genetic testing techniques, the demand for trained Dietician/ counselors is ever-growing.
  • In addition, Dietician is also an essential component of assisted reproductive technology and in all other health related fields, and therefore, the demand for Dietician/ counsellors in fertility clinics is also on the rise.
  • The remuneration for such counselors is highly competitive, and with experience, one can earn a handsome salary.
  • Additionally, Dietician and counselors also have the potential to grow into roles such as Nutrition consultants, educators, and therapists.

The PGDNG program offered by Varam Reprogenesis is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to pursue a career in NutriGenomics. With an industry-relevant curriculum, hands-on training, and internships, the program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field. Moreover, the increasing demand for Dietician and Counsellors presents excellent career opportunities for graduates of this program.