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Onsite Training

Varam Reprogenesis is a first centre in south Tamil Nadu exclusively for IVF Training, situated at Pasumalai, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, providing world class training to our students.

Infertility affects 15-20% of married couple and childlessness is huge emotional problem in the society. IVF/ICSI in Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART)- is an advanced treatment for those who are infertile.

There are many IVF fertility centers but lack of certified Embryologists. Our highly talented and experienced visiting faculties will teach you in better way.

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Onsite Training FAQ

What is the meaning of onsite training?

Onsite training refers to a learning process that takes place at the physical location or premises of a company, organization, or institution. It involves participants being trained in a specific skill or knowledge area on-site, rather than attending a training program remotely or at an external location. Onsite training allows for direct interaction between trainers and trainees, fostering a more immersive and hands-on learning experience.

What is onsite and offsite training?

Onsite training refers to a learning approach that takes place within the physical premises of an organization, where participants attend training sessions at their workplace or designated location.

Offsite training, on the other hand, involves participants attending training programs at external locations or training centers. It often includes workshops, seminars, or conferences held in a different venue away from the participants' usual work environment.

Why is onsite training better?

Onsite training offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for many organizations. Firstly, it allows for a customized learning experience, where the training content can be tailored to address specific organizational needs and challenges. Secondly, onsite training promotes direct interaction between trainers and trainees, facilitating immediate feedback and clarifications. This personalized approach enhances engagement and understanding. Lastly, onsite training eliminates the need for travel, reducing logistical complexities and costs. By conducting training within the company premises, employees can conveniently participate without disrupting their work routines.

What is onsite safety training?

Onsite safety training refers to a specific type of training conducted at the physical location or premises of a company or organization to educate employees about workplace safety protocols, procedures, and best practices. It is designed to address potential hazards and risks that are specific to the particular work environment. Onsite safety training typically covers topics such as emergency response, hazard identification, proper use of safety equipment, and compliance with safety regulations. This type of training is essential for promoting a safe and healthy work environment, reducing accidents, and ensuring that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent injuries and protect themselves and others.

Who are onsite employees?

Onsite employees are individuals who work at a physical location or premises, typically the office or workplace of a company or organization. These employees report to the designated work site on a regular basis and carry out their duties and responsibilities within the premises. They are physically present at the workplace and interact directly with colleagues, supervisors, and clients or customers. Onsite employees may include various roles and positions across different departments, such as administration, operations, customer service, sales, and more. They adhere to the work schedule, policies, and protocols established by the organization and contribute to the overall functioning and productivity of the onsite workforce.