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Hands on training in Andrology

Varam Reprogenesis is a first centre in south Tamil Nadu exclusively for Hands on training in Andrology, situated at Pasumalai, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, providing world class training to our students.

Andrology is a specialisation that students take up usually after their MBBS and MS/ MD courses.

The specialisation is available at various medical institutes as fellowship programs and certificate courses.

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Hands on training in Andrology FAQ

What type of microscope is used in the andrology laboratory?

Andrologists use a semen analysis microscope to view both the quality and the quantity of sperm to help determine male fertility. Semen samples must be kept warm with a heating stage in order to keep the semen living during sperm analysis..

What is the importance of andrology?

Andrologists primarily perform sperm tests to help determine the fertility potential of male patients attempting to conceive a child with their partner. This involves looking at multiple parameters under the microscope including sperm concentration, sperm motility and sperm shape.