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Basic Embryology Course

Varam Reprogenesis is a first centre in south Tamil Nadu exclusively for Basic Embryology Course, situated at Pasumalai, Madurai,Tamil Nadu, providing world class training to our students.

This course will provide a common knowledge set appropriate for the broad range of health care professionals involved in the treatment of the infertile couple that proceeds to ART, provide training in the assessment of parameters of gametes and embryos, laboratory technologies, and laboratory management .

The qualifications for clinical embryologists is bachelor's degree in biological science, followed by a post graduate qualification, preferably in Assisted Reproductive Technology or Embryology or biotechnology.

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Basic Embryology Course FAQ

What is the importance of embryologist?

At Varam Reprogenesis The embryologist works behind the scenes to help with all the different stages of IVF from the retrieval or eggs to the development of an embryo and its transfer to the womb.

When was embryology started?

Embryology as a modern science began at the beginning of the 19th century and continued as the classic period until the 1940s. During this period, a body of basic knowledge was established which, generally, described the events of development.